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Driveteq Cardanas

Driveteq Cardanas



With our R&D department we can calculate and map everything for you. So that you are sure of your case before having the assignment carried out.

Depending on the application, we can supply arc-tooth couplings for heavy-duty work, such as at wide, cold and hot strip mills or offshore.

Arc-tooth couplings are generally grease-lubricated couplings used when large torques need to be transferred and where they can tirelessly compensate for axial and radial misalignment or misalignment. The arc tooth couplings are available in various versions, such as the brake disc or spacer version.

The operations, such as drilling shaft holes and inserting keyways, are also carried out in our Driveteq Cardan Shaft Service workshop.


DriveteQ Cardanas Service supplies various types of couplings.


Do you have an application where the solution is not obvious? Then you have come to the right place at DriveteQ Cardanas Service. With our R&D department, we can calculate and draw everything for you. You are so sure that your order will be carried out correctly.


Depending on the application, we can supply the following types:


  • Dental arch couplings for heavy work, such as in wide, cold and hot strip mills or offshore.
  • Flexible couplings, which are used in trams, passenger and freight trains.
  • Lamella couplings, these are often used in industry or offshore.
  • Thrust bearings for shipping, pleasure or commercial shipping.


Most operations are carried out in our own workshops.


We can supply cardan shafts up to 9,900 kNm and DIN 1200 flanges.

We are also the only supplier in the Benelux that can repair or produce all common industrial cardan shafts from new parts from all service workshops.

All cross pieces and other parts are widely available, and if you wish, we can also keep complete cardan shafts in stock.


A strange vibration in the car at high speed? Or do the engine and box mounts not last long? It may well be that the cardan shaft under the competition car is the cause…. When you bring the shaft to us, we will first inspect and check it, so that we immediately know what needs to be done on the cardan shaft.

Depending on the analysis, we will solve the defects in the cardan shaft and you will receive it back neatly sprayed.

DriveteQ Cardan Shaft Service has developed into one of the leading companies in the drive shaft and clutch industry