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Poseidon Propulsion 

Poseidon Propulsion 

We do this not only for standard ships and for ships where no standard solution fits.

The Poseidon Rudders are developed to be used in combination with the fixed nozzle.

Poseidon has developed a series of polyurethane fixed and steerable nozzles for yachts.

An azimuth thruster is a steerable thruster that also turns at a 360 degrees angle around a horizontal bearing construction.

The Pegasus seal meets the modern high-quality standards and is developed for applications where NO leaking is allowed.

The Poseidon tunnel thrusters can be installed as bow thruster or stern thruster in the transverse direction of the hull.

Our thruster control panels are built around a PLC and touchscreen providing for minimal cabling and flexibility on display and i/o.

Poseidon FPP Shafting

Poseidon Rudders

 Poseidon Nozzles

Poseidon Azimuth Thruster

Poseidon Pegasus Seal

Poseidon Tunnel Thruster

Poseidon Control Panel

Poseidon Propulsion Inc. is your trusted address with more than 30 years of experience in the field of marine propulsion and steering systems.

Poseidon is specialized in the design and production of high-tech marine propulsion systems and related accessories for all types of ships in line with all major classification society regulations and to meet the highest manufacturing standards.

These couplings make that the propeller shaft is mounted flexibly on gearbox/engine units while passing on thrust. 

Poseidon Orion Flexible Couplings

These thrust blocks make that the propeller thrust does not have to be absorbed by the gearbox/engine mounts. 

Poseidon Orion Thrustblock

These drives makes isolation of vibrations and sound due to a combination of flexible engine mounts and has more freedom of movement.

Poseidon Drive

The units are completed with the required accessories such as lubrication systems, temp sensors, filters,  pumps, alarm, cathodic protection, flair caps etc.

Stern Tubes

To design the suitable application, we carefully will consider Number of blades, Blade, shape, Blade area, Skew, Rake, Cambers and hubb.

Custom Made Propellers